Monday, March 9, 2009

Start of Spring Practice

update 615pm local time
link from Chad Cripe's article on the first practice of Spring Practice....looks lile Harsin took heed and would like to see Kellen Moore throwing the pigskin downfield a lil bit more than last year! Thanks for Chad for timely reporting- wish I had a press pass....errr!

Also Dave from IdPress take of the first practice = J.C. Percy anyone

Also another blogger's take on Spring Ball ( Finally).... Orange and Blue Circus..... -still no OBNUG sighting

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Thankfully the college football off season goes on hiatus for a 5 weeks, as BSU takes to eradicating the painful 2008 P-bowl memories and instead start reloading for the impending season. The Statesman has a pretty decent article on some of the battles about to be waged on the Blue. Idahopress also has a lil tidbit here.....
-Will go on the record and state that I am not a fan of Mad Doug Martin headed to the defense. Love the athleticism but prefer him toting the rock. I understand the need to establish the rb's getting a rhythm with some carries, but why was that not the case last year with IJ? Maybe IJ was simply an equal part/cog in the BSU machine?

- I prefer keeping Hout at defensive end, opposite of King Swyke! Expect more zone blitzes. I do not foresee Bacon Atkinson dropping into zone coverage however!

- Hope Malcom Johnson redshirts ....unless he is too good and will thieve some carries from Harper/Avery.

- I do not think the wideout position is as bleak as it appears. I expect double digit td's for Titus Young. I know that some of those td's are being taken away from Austin Pettis but I can foresee a rejuvenated Young becoming a huge focus.

- The article states the focus will be about the return of emphasis on a dominant run game. I will buck the trend and suggest that Kellen Moore is your best offensive weapon and the passing game should be central part of this offensive machine. Let the passing game set up the run game. Put the ball in your best playmaker's hands as much as possible.

- Wish the practices were accessible as well- but beggars can't be choosers.

Most importantly....spring scrimmages are all at the stadium and free/open to the public .

( except for the Blue Orange game) which might suffer a 17% price increase)

From the Statesman=

The Boise State football team will practice 15 times over the next six weeks. Here are the key dates:
Monday: First practice
Tuesday, March 17: Pro day for last year's seniors
Thursday, March 19: First scrimmage (2:30 p.m.)
March 21-29: Spring break
Wednesday, April 8: Second scrimmage (2:30 p.m.)
Friday, April 17: Spring Game (6 p.m.)
Note: All scrimmages are held at Bronco Stadium and open to the public.

Your thoughts?

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