Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anywhere, Anyone, Anytime...yep, its Fresno week

The above podcast reflects JT from BroncoNationPodcast, Obnug Intern and myself genuflecting on last week's dominant performance against the Miami not of Florida. Logan from the Fresno State side of things, also gets involved on the podcast and throws in his two cents...

The Future

My thoughts are that the Broncs will defeat the Bulldogs of Fresno State 30-21. Hard fought game....
The scariest thing is where is the annual hype for the Fresno Squad? There is no such preseason hype and this might allow the Bulldogs to recapture that blue collar chip on the shoulder that the Central Cali kids might need. Coach Pat Hill is truly capturing the underdog role right now and had a legit chance at upsetting Wisconsin last week. In my eyes, the Bulldogs ruined their chances in upsetting the Badgers and could not finish. Will that tough road loss reflect on their tough battle against the #10 ranked Broncs? This is why they play the game....
Predictions- Kellen has his usual 2 throws that reach pay dirt, one to Shoemaker and one to a tight end- pick one, any one of them but probably Gallarda. The other two will be rushing by any of the three headed hydra known as Avery-Harper-Martin. The remaining two points will come via the safety route by a sack from Glass Joe Hout (I still think 99.9% of Americans would have buckled like Glass Joe after the cheap shot by Blount. I am surprised Blount has not transferred to a Junior College in order to keep playing.)
As for the nickname of the Boise State Defense.....BluNami was the one selected by members....the Statesman has some sort of contest mimicking the challenge for submitted entries for the Defense to have a nickname. Not sure I care as much as the production continues like it has been.

Enjoy the game....and if you attend the game, watch you back for skanks and shanks!

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