Friday, January 1, 2010

Florida vs Cincy

Why not FOX!

Keep going back to the fractured arm of Demps, please....more more more....puke!

Arms are not supposed to work/bend that way.....

Expect Florida to mop the floor with the Bearcats...but I thought the same thing with Oregon over the Ducks. Dang Sweater Vest took care of those pesky Ducks. Congrats to the Buckeyes!

For anyone heading, Boise to Glendale, via Nevada on 93, I heard the worse part is actually in Idaho on I-84 around Glenns Ferry. Hang in there, drive slower if needed. Just show up alive and scream/support for those Broncos.

Any pics you want to see of your road trip or the night before in Vegas/Laughlin...send to my email at Let me know who took the pic and I will give full credit... Same goes for any Fiesta Bowl pics!

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