Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Scrimmage ...towards the end

click on a picture to see a larger version of it
After recovering from a vicious hit across the middle, earlier during the day, #20 Mitch Burrough's shows playstation 3 okie doke move against #26 Billy Derome.

While on the goal line, the hole develops with #72 Matt Slater on the way.....but was quickly shut and #21 Carlo Audagnotti ended up taking the brunt of the punishment
#15 Southwick avoids the hands up by the unknown orange shirt
#15 Southwick play action

#15 Southwick swings it out to #29 Tyler Jackson, who draws a crowd
...#32 Jonathon Brown almost gets a tip of it
#Aaron Tevis sheds a would be blocker to make a decent stick
#41 Kharyee Marshall brings the heat against #15 Southwick


Anonymous said...

love the pics
I always like looking at your perspective and it's better detailed than the others I have looked at. You really follow the action between oline and dline I love it
thank you for sharing

StatueLeft said...

I would recommend checking out for a detailed scrimmage account. I wish the others would post more pics....but that requires a lil bit more access which is fleeting. Thanks for the comments and hopefully I will have some for the Blue and Orange Game.