Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 Blue and Orange Game Joe Southwick edition

Quick Fan Favorite Joe Southwick seem to get the quality snaps towards the end of the scrimmage. Was it designed by the coaches to see the development or was it the "way the proverbial cookie crumbled"? Not sure but I will say the future is bright down the road. I still believe that the battle for #2 is competitive between Southwick and #7 Mike Coughlin. Do not count out the seasoned Coughlin. Yes, he has not been in the thick of the battle for quite the long time, but he is the one I go to if someone was to spell #11 Kellen Moore. Would love to see Coughlin with the #1 skilled weapons and offensive line as well as the whole playbook vs what has been common for Mike over the last few years- scrimmaging with the #2's and #3's on and off. However, that being said, here is the best of Southwick, who I wish nothing but the best!

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