Sunday, March 4, 2007

Looks like Uncle Rico has been getting stronger..
Kids in Eastern Idaho beware!!!

So in recent weekend news,

Jake the Snake aka Jason Steven Plummer has been seen at the local high school filling application for the Offensive Coordinator position ( Mountain View High, to be exact but does it matter...). Good Luck to Jake.....( DID YOU KNOW- Jake's brother* was super-freakin-fast and ran track at Brown University...props to my memory bank and remembering that from about 10-12 years ago when I ran across him playing in a softball tourney...)
Too bad there has to be a parting shot at the local kid on his way out..from
At the same time, though, I'd feel like a prick if I was mean to Jake Plummer for nearly has entire career, and just decided to be nice to him when he retired... so I offer this advice to his Peace Corps superiors. Don't let Jake be the guy throwing bottles of water to thirsty children. They would surely be intercepted by rebel forces.
Not to mention his wedding cancellation in Hawaii......oops.... that is for another day...

That being said, for all of his naysayers, here is the best part of Jake ( 40-15 record in Denver)
To the Naysayers

3200 meter relay
Brett Plummer '91
Justin Casserly '92
Fergal O'Gorman '92
Steve Christie '92

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