Monday, March 5, 2007

While aniticipating the eventual June Swoon for the Cubbies,

Sammy Sosa went yard in spring training yesterday. Oh those were the days.

When the Bartman incident went down, I was working Hurricane Isabel in Ricmond, Va. Lo and behold that game coexisted with attending the weekly trivia night at Hooters. While dodging bullets in this crime riddled city, the beer was flowing and then it happened. No, not Bartman disrupting any chance at Pee-on-my-hands Alou, I am talking about E-6. The Northsiders could not seal the deal and the rest was Chitown lore

Hoping Kory Hall does well at PRO DAY here at Boise State today..... but moving on to the future of the program.

Most important story of the offseason, will be the intense competition for the starting signalcaller for the reigning fiesta bowl champs. I prefer the kid with the pedigree.....That being said, none have much experience. Prefer not to have a qb with just one year left nor the the kind of QB who will "manage" a game, but I prefer the kid who can make plays and be the coleader of the team. That being said, #41 is the key to this era of "RELOAD" football. Keep refueling the hogs up front and keep pounding the rock.....

If you need a different fix, try reading this article, especially if you are a hug fan of hbo's "BIG LOVE".

If that is not you speed, do you remember when this kid was at Boise State. He came on a wrestling scholarship and eventually tried to play football. That was back when Skip Hall left/fired and The POKEY ALLEN SHOW began.

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