Saturday, August 4, 2007

What more could you ask for than Jeff Samardzija Bobblehead Night?

Yes folks, I braved the 101 degrees while waiting patiently in line on the blacktop before the gates opened, to ensure my possession of a Bobblehead that will truly be cherished*. Forget the fact that my children disappeared into the Lil Hawks Inflatable slide play area and that I saw about 2 1/3 innings of action ( a bunch of runs, Hawks were up 9-5, consistent with any short season A minor league game). I have captured the missing link, the Jeff Samardzija Bobblehead . I am sure there is a website that wants people to send these highly valuable dolls but in this case, nothing would look finer on my Christmas Tree than a few #39's(oh yeah, I secured 4 Bobbleheads, but one will be broken with the next 24 hours once the kids get their grimy lil hands on it).

* cherished memories are always up for sale....$100 OBO for the damn Bobblehead, $50 just for the pure sweat unleashed during the wait of the freaking gates to open....

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