Thursday, April 3, 2008

Paul J and his cohort, Jeff " Arabacus" Caves are out

updated as of 7:17pm...... "I feel bizarre right now".....let me tell the general public, I usually don't have any bizarre feelings like I did during some college late night adventures, but bizarre is a word only Paul J can come up with to describe his feelings

...not of the closet but out of a job ( as of right now) when it comes to broadcasting Boise State Football over the outdated radio waves.

That gushing sound is the collective groan emitting out of the Treasure Valley ( and the rest of Bronco Nation).

Who are our next options? What talent will Peak Broadcasting farm out to produce audio orgasms, when describing what the action in the house that Lyle Smith built? The audio orgasms was a lil strong but you get the gist.

With great sadness, I report this info.......but still hold out hope that the Citadel contract that has it's clutches into Paul J will soon subside and let Paul J be free to ......move over to KIDO 580am and attempt to his best phoenix rising impression, resurrect his own broadcasting career ( not to mention his delivery and voice, which we will surely miss).

What does 35 yrs of tradition get you these days? A swift kick in the nuts....

Memo to BSU Athletic Department, who ironically has had the golden touch on everything else they have done in recent years ( outside limiting public and bloggers access to the football team), this truly what you want to do. Set Paul J out to pasture with the rest of horses, where the best announcers graze and try to downplay their rooting/homerisms.

In protest, I suggest waving the now infamous blue towel in a show of support for Paul J, at the spring scrimmage #2.

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kevanlee said...

Never thought I'd see the day.