Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Scrimmage #2 Bizarro edition

and there will be pics uploaded tomorrow. Need to clear my head after seeing some brain-jarring hits by Acrey, Jason Robinson and others on the much improved defense. One thing I can tell you, the offense is got held in check by the D. There seemed to be more penalties and dropped balls ( Avery with no one in 20 yards and Titus dropped a inside screen, but Lomax had to double pump to avoid the rushing lineman's raised arms, and probably threw off the rhythm).
Statesman link to scrimmage wrap up
and the stats of the scrimmage....which to me are completely over analyze and I equate them to spring training stats or exhibition stats, I would rather measure the plus/minus on each play and grade out that way. I digress and submit to those are stat freaks....

Offense was Ho Hum, but the world was made right by an appearance by Paul J. Tom Scott was also spotted, groomed in causal wet weather gear. Also spotted include George Wade The Blade, Durrell Goodloe from early 90'2 fame, and a possible Brent Thompson sighting. Phil the old academic tutor to the athletes( forgot his last name) was also at the scrimmage and saw him speak to a few of the coaches before the scrimmage.

One thing I don't need to wait til tomorrow to discuss was the snaps from center while in the shotgun formation. Disgusting......but this is why it's called Spring Practice.

Toshi and Julian Hawkins took some huge hits and might need some advil tonight or a cold beverage. Best thing to look forward too, is the Blue and Orange Game is week from tonight at 6pm on the Blue.

Speaking of a cold beverage...enjoy the weekend and if you would like to request any music on the blog feel free to add some suggestions in the comment section.
In regards to the foreign exchange students visiting, I leave you with the thought that Team Hosei Tomahawks sport Under Armor and rock their gear quite well. Pics available tomorrow...

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