Sunday, August 31, 2008

Domination Commence.....

Opening Kickoff

Where to begin........The defense stepped up and was explosive. I will applaud D. Acrey for stepping in when Ginng was dinged up. Acrey was a stud, making 14 tackles, instead of potentially being sour after not being named "starter" ( which might be the most overrated word of the year, since the linebackers and running backs/wide receivers at Boise State are so interchangeable. The depth at each position might be the best in school history and is a weapon the coaching staff are fully utilizing). Additionally, way to make plays last night Aaron Tevis, props are deserved!

-Jeron Johnson laid out Id St QB Russell Hill and it appeared that he might have bloodied him up, after the medical trainers held a towel to his face on the sidelines after the hit. Hill would return to below average performance, but his toughness will not be challenged by this basement dwelling blogger. This is not all on Hill since the defensive secondary destroyed the Id St offensive air attack ( ( 74 yards passing by Hill, ugh).

-Good to see the coaching staff reward George Iloka and playing him early so the true greenshirt freshman used up all of his first year. I am glad they did not wait half through the year to play him, or the last game of the year (like what happened to old school player Rashid Gayle in the early 90's).

- The questions of the o-line were answered, even if it was a Division 1AA team.

-Who else thought the bomb that Kellen Moore launched to Titus Young for the 80 yard touchdown was overthrown? I could not believe the jets on Titus....Keep pimpin player and keep sleeping with the football and treat that baby right.....Right now against Idaho State, the fumbles can be lived with. Risk vs Reward with Titus is worth it but I will leave the fumbling issue to others.....Keep pimpin T.Y.

This pic says it all pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman
- Kellen Moore deserves praise and will get it endlessly. He deserves it and I would say the kid was just "under total control". Some say "poise", some say "as expected". Just happy the kid showed off his wares and there is no question why he is the best quarterback at the school right now, and yes, quite possibly the best in school history. I know, I know......first game of his career against a lowly Division 1AA school, wait til he plays a D-1 defense. I hear that, but I am glad I was there at Bronco Stadium to watch history with the pretty ball Moore threw to Titus Young for his first career TD pass. Yes expect a lot more to come.

- Love the chemistry between Moore and Young but wish Pettis could get more love than just one catch for minimal yardage.....Pettis might not be as explosive but I believe he could be the most dependable receiver outside of Jeremy Childs.

- What happens when Jeremy Childs returns and snags 9 balls and Pettis gets 3 himself, and Young only gets 2 catches. Hopefully the momentum and chemistry and good times keep rolling!

- Mad Doug Martin got dinged up a lil but did not have a carry, bummer.....was expecting him to have 2 td's in mop up duty.

- Richie Brockel....keep on keeping on. Maybe he is the new "Helmandollar". Good reward for a kid who has graduated already and this is his redshirt junior year.

- Ian Johnson playing special teams in the 4th quarter in a meaningless blow out? Maybe he is auditioning for the NFL and showing off some other skills. Don't agree with the risk vs reward with this decision but so far so good. Nice to see the so-called celebrity of the team making a huge impact right away with the blocked punt in the first half

- The often understated and underrated quarterback, Tanyon Bissell, did a nice job on the spread option plays...wait to hold on to the rock.
- Statue of Liberty play Id St failed. Nice compliment to BSU, poor execution! Loudest booing all night.

- Former Mountain View Maverick and recently scholarship crowned athlete, Tyler Shoemaker, rewards the staff with 2 TD receptions, props are in order!

pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman
- Does are defense really levitate?

- Just want to make sure everyone knows that Coach Pete said the right thing when discussing Kellen Moore's rookie game...cliff notes version- " As expected". No truer words will ever be said. Coach Pete sounds grounded with this comment and the young ol' ball coach is growing on me more and more with every decision he makes. Too bad his alum U.C. Davis could not hold off the San Jose State Spartans last night as well.

- I want to know who "Swiked" Ryan Winterswyk in practice this last Thursday? Allegedly he was injured in a non-contact situation. Get healthy quick and buckle up for Oregon. I guess the scope job has been completed and will be back for the second road game of the year in 3 weeks.

- What else? Good crowd, good buzz in the air for a home opener, even against a lowly opponent. No excuse for the Jumbotron not working at the first game. No excuse. You have the initial Sky Box appearance and then the outdated Jumbotron is not working? Piss poor effort. That being said, can't think of anything else to quibble about....except for the bathrooms on the west side are plentiful and there must be 30-40 urinals in there. Good thinking and thank you to whoever mandated plenty of urinals. Thank You Mother Nature for some splendid late August temperatures. For those who sat on the East Side, how was the shade from the new Sky box?

- Brought my young boy to his first BSU football game and he instantly joined in on the BOISE-STATE chant. I was a proud papa to see that for the first time. He gorged himself on popcorn like a child should. He met a new friend who sat in front of us and who was within 3-4 yrs of his age and bonded instantly. Want to thank that new friend for including my son, since the highlight of the night for my son was watching his new friend play his Gameboy ( it happened to be the new Tony Hawk game).
- I coached Id St middle backer #12 Brad Rife in high school down in Orange County, California. The boy has grown up and just plain got yoked out. I am just happy to see him playing college ball and want to wish him good luck in football and in life.

pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

- Not a fan of the Olympics theme song being played by the band multiple times....Once is fine, with the announcement of Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong being in the stadium, but more than that? So the band is still the band and I will leave it at that.

- Lastly, no major injuries like Chris Beanie Wells from Ohio State.......memo to Broncos-keep stretching and working on the flexibility! Anybody else happy that Rich-Rod lost his opening game against Utah? I bet the Clemson bandwagon jumpers are still icing their broken ankles after losing to Alabama last night. Props to Coach Dooley at LA TECH for upsetting Miss. State.
Your thoughts????
pic courtesy of the Idaho Statesman

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