Friday, December 12, 2008

Break out the honey do list

Since there is no college football on this weekend, and coming off a near 40 point blowout BSU basketball loss at the hands of BYU, you might as well get the honey do list out of the way. My reasoning, then there can not be any bitching when the bowl season kicks off, with Wake Forest vs Navy on Dec. 20th. Get the Christmas/Festivus shopping out of the way....and BINGO, you are good to lounge around for the remaining 2 weeks. Seriously, take the next 2 weeks off from work- enjoy good food, good times with Family, and if you are fortunate and/or wealthy enough, go ahead and attend a bowl game or two.

Heading into tomorrow's nights Heisman show, I agree with the cynics that this is a close race.....I could see any one of the three winning-

Sam Bradford Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow but I wonder if Tim Tebow fans around the word will adorn their favorite windshields with this message.... pic compliments of EDSBS!

So I will go with (vid compliments of WIZofODDS)

Tebow...just to say I saw one of two players repeat. Throw out the a streetfight, I would pick Tebow. Whatever happened to this campaign? Hint- I am still disappointed the true potential of this athlete was never realized!!!

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