Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This loss hurts more than the ECU loss

last year.....might take some time for this basement-dwelling blogger to recover. At this point, I feel this loss is the worst loss since Goergia. I feel this loss devalues the momentum we gathered since the Fiesta Bowl. I am too shocked to share pics that have been emailed to me. Some of my friends think this pain will pass.....my only rebuttal is that with the loss, we can go undefeated next year again and still not make a BCS Bowl. This one really hurts!!!!

As for blame....I blame the running game....I blame the lack of offense- especially after the Hout interception. My stomach just churns at this point. TCU owned this game for the last 36 minutes plus!
Lack of getting in the ball in the endzone is going to haunt the Broncos. This is the second best team in the Mountain West and BSU could not beat them. Not tonight and it hurts!

Any suggestions on how to get over this ....is welcome at statueleft@hotmail.com

Somewhere Mark May is laughing......

If you can, have a Merry Christmas!

pics from idaho statesman- where I thieved pics all year....kudos to those guys

Finally the last few years have been painful in Dec.....fellow Broncocountry poster had this info....and it hurts....painfully!

2004-L 44-40 Louisville> Played our hearts out,Last second interception.

2005-L 27-21 Boston College> Played our hearts out,Last second interception.

2006- W 43-42 Oklahoma> Played our hearts out,Last minute interception.

2007-L 41-38 East Carolina> Played our hearts out, Lost with ECU kicking a game winning field goal with no time left.

2008- L 17-16 TCU> Played our hearts out,Last minute interception.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good.........where is Jeremy Avery? Alert the Missing Persons Unit!


Jinxtacy said...

As a Bronco fan you have to realize that TCU is the same thing as Boise. You can't buy into the BCS conference crap...TCU is an excellent squad (defensively). In my opinion I'd rather play Utah than TCU. Sometimes offensive teams (OU) get just enough to beat TCU and they can't keep up offensively. No shame in losing to TCU...or ECU for that matter. ECU is well respected after their early start this season (VT and WVU) though they have faded with their in conference schedule. I'm a Hawaii and Texas fan and thought Boise was much more deserving than Ohio State, Cincinnati, and Virginia Tech. I have to thank Boise's loss last year to catching my eye for a heads up on how good ECU really was. For early season pick'ems. I don't think anyone thinks Boise State is a schmuck...well perhaps besides the BCS I guess.

StatueLeft said...

Jinxtacy- I hear ya and thanks for the thoughts....the pain from this loss just seems sharper than last year's debacle on the island of Oahu against ECU.

I know some want to move ahead and look at the future...but it just stings too much at the present.