Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Game Home Run

The easy pick is Pujols but I am thinking Ryan Howard will overcome the best player in the game. Howard is from the St. Louis area so there should be some love for him as well as Pujols.

Also in the news, Calvin Broadus returns to the Boise area this coming Sunday 7-19 ......they will be joined by Stephen Marley, Mickey Avalon and the blazed up lads from Slightly Stoopid.....Anyone headed there? I am sure Alex Guerrero of the Boise Burn will be attendance. He showed up to the last Slightly Stoopid show with a few BSU players....

Anyone going to Kenny Chesney on Tues 7-14? If you need tix, email me and I will put you in line with a guy who knows a guy who has tix... While I am not down with the Chesney concert, I do enjoy a few of his songs. I am a lil bitter that Chesney is gravy training the Parrotheads, once Jimmy Buffett decides to retire. Smart business move but seems like he is trying too hard to go the Buffett route. Have a guy who knows a guy and states that Chesney frequently heads down island and enjoys his time off at one of the Virgin Islands. the same guy also showed up with a Yankees lid on and Chesney & the other bar mates gave him a ration of shit for the hat. Chesney wears his Red Sox hat nonstop in the Virgin Islands.

My buddy, Captain Jimmy, runs this website, and you listen old Buffett concert tracks.....enjoy

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