Monday, July 6, 2009

During the Summer

What has Bronco Nation been caught doing? Some take vacations, some get another job (or a job period). I recently took the fam damily to the Oregon Coast and my non-BSU obsessed wife took a pic of myself returning a rented surfboard. Just so happens that I was sporting some BSU gear and made me ponder- where else is BSU being represented outside of the Treasure Valley. Had a few folks not sporting the blue and orange mention that they were from the Boise area and we each wished each safe travels..... Bronco Nation is a conscientious bunch.

Headed camping, sport the blue and orange pullover. Headed to Europe, sport the most recent lid! All kinds of applications where these picture opportunities could arise......If you have anything such as pictures, that are worth sharing- such as at Stonehenge or the Statue of Liberty, shoot me an email and I will upload it to this lil basement-originating blog....I will put up the pic and a quick narrative of where the blue and orange is visiting. I know there is some who take pictures of fans sporting weird outfits and those who hold up BSU cups in the scene. Whatever floats your boat! Send them to . Just one more way to kill time over the offseason.....

If anyone has any suggestions for hiding that bald spot on the kid in blue, please save those for yourself!

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