Thursday, July 30, 2009

It all makes sense.....

....So it was Greg McMackin who is responsible for the removal of the term "RAINBOW" from the University's nickname a decade ago..... The one thing that stands out is......what if Coach McMackin was right in describing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish's team hand clap/dance? Where is the video of this lame dance?

The local media, IDSTATESMAN and IDPRESSTRIBUNE, is taking all of the credit for fanning these flames- pun intended......They have enough links to go all night ( think Viagra and Ecstasy at a "Men's only Bathhouse").

Link to audio 1

Idaho Press Tribune write up of what McMackin said about his team- that is safe to read at work

Karl Benson likes Notre Dame's hand clapping

This phrase or slip of the tongue by the University of Hawaii head coach is vaguely similar to following in the footsteps of our United States President. Within the last week, our President used the phrase "stupidly" when describing a policeman arresting a man for breaking into his own house. The result from the President fanning the flames in that situation resulted in a Beer Summit between the President, the officer and the Harvard Professor/Cat Burglar. Maybe McMackin will find himself in a Martini Summit or Zima Summit. No word in what city ( by a body of water) that this Zima Summit might commence in. One thing is for sure, it will certainly not be near the sovereign state of Utah. Hopefully all of the coaching community will learn from this "teachable" moment, when in front of reporters at a news conference, there is bound to be a digital recorder turned to the "on" position.

On local sports radio today, one of the reporters ( and in this case, a sports editor of the local fishwrap) was called on the carpet for laughing/giggling after the McMackin slip of the tongue. I will give him a pass since he did admit to laughing at first but chalked it up to the nervous laughter of rationalizing what in the world the Hawaii coach just said. This same sports editor did rally his fellow giggling cronies and highly recommend that they all report on the "slur" story, rather than adhere to the Hawaii's coach request to not print the "slur".

I wish I could add a silly song to this blog that repeats the words..."Sticks and Stones..."


Anonymous said...

Love the post! posted simular. Great minds think alike.

StatueLeft said...

Just added you guys to the other notable blogs on my page.....

As for McMackin....seems like a good old country boy!