Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Latest Going-ons!

What was Nike thinking? This dunk is nothing all that special...but what a memory for the college kid/dunker from Xavier.

video here

One of the most disappointing discoveries since Geraldo ventured in Al Capone's Vault.

Unfortunately sometimes we need to crack on our own- even the great Canadian Bacon. Please save your "Glazed Bacon" jabs- the young kid will be punished, serve his penance and get back to doing what he does best. Hopefully this is a wake up call, where apparently no one was hurt, and a reminder that these youngsters are not invincible!

-EA Thoughts- I will preface that I am afraid I will get some malware (and this lonely blog will get hijacked by some crazy blog-nappers) if I search for any pics or vid's of EA.

As far as the creepy (and I mean creepy) invasion of EA's hotel room, I will only say that I would not be shocked if it was ruse to garner some publicity for a show that is coming up about EA. 50/50 at best but in today's age of attention-seeking celebrities, I just would not be surprised. I mean how convenient that a man who just so happens to have the tools to access a thin hotel wall and have the tools to record someone disrobing, just has to be the latest hot internet sensation I mean, did the creep have to throw a few benjamins out there so the creep could get set up right next to EA's room. Wow, what a coincidence!

I will not put the censored pics up on here but if this was my wife or daughter, and these pics were out in the public, it would be go time. ESPN IS NOT HAPPY AT ALL and even barred some reporters from the NYPost. Not sure I blame ESPN since it seems that these censored pics seem a lil bit more revealing than your standard "reveal". Maybe this is one way the NEW YORK POST is trying to compete with the interwebs! Link to the NY paper article here Hope EA will disappear back to the frat boys who love her ( like Bobby Frasor)!

Getting back to BSU football, there has been speculation about playing Virginia Tech in D.C. to kickoff the 2010 Campaign. If it comes to fruition and it sounds promising, that is good get for the BSU AD office (very tough matchup to boot)! Time to pop some good stuff

One last note to add......Was fortunate enough to partake in the Blazed and Confused Tour last Sunday. Beat the heat with some liquid refreshment. One of my fellow concertgoers, ( her first ever concert at age 29, huh!) got her elbow bumped, and somehow/someway got her iphone dropped into her beer....good news is that the phone works just enough to send these pics to me. Nothing special but good times were had by all!

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