Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pics of scrimmage #1

click on the any pic for an enlarged version
This year's George Iloka Haircut of the Scrimmage goes to newcomer #10 Jerrell Gavins
Heads Up Kellen, Hout is within striking distance. Blacks Jerseys are very cool in this situation. #53 Zack Gholston gave the business all day long
Oskie...almost by #46 Hazen Moss
The play where a certain free safety got Possibly injured on....That is #53Gholston's hemlet flying!
#3 Chris Potter was showing off some nice disco moves before his dancing feet caught up with him and #16 Febis laid the wood at the end of the play.
#61 Joe Kellogg is not afraid to mix it up with Winterswyk/Baker
#3 Chris Potter made the play closer than it appeared on a deep strike halfway through the scrimmage.
Here we have Greenshirt Burks avoiding multiple tackles and riding the convoy of blockers all the way down the field. Another true freshman #82 Hiwat stayed on the blocks down to the goal line.
#18 still with the ball

Hiwat was attempting a late fade at the end of practice by Tamburo. Back to back fade attempts were both incomplete.

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