Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trade Secrets to Follow

I have the usual onslaught of scrimmage pics to upload. That will come in the next 72 hours.
However this year will have a twist. Apparently there is new emphasis by the University on not displaying videos or a string/sequence of pics that show the play, mainly formations.
During the scrimmage, I sat in the last row of the lower west section, around the 45 yard line. I felt the presence of a gentleman who was focused on my pic-snapping abilities. I glanced up and recognized this staff member's face and realized we were going to have a conversation about the camera. The gentleman asked my intentions and I declared for personal use. He mentioned that there was a worry of the snapshots making its way to the internet, primarily the formations. I stated that I would upload just the close up action shots to the internet. He expressed his worry that Oregon might find their eyes on to this site. I was instantly flattered (remember this fleeting feeling) but I felt a little flustered by the discussion. We parted ways....
It was a stern but polite discussion. The gentleman could have come off rough or a plain jerk, and maybe I expected to be asked to stop the camera shenanigans. The gentleman remained close by, monitoring my actions or perhaps looking for devilish camera-toting bloggers. I continued to snap some pics in rapid fire fashion and soon enough we made eye contact again. I motioned him over and stated that I was taking tight shots of the action and I showed him some of the pics ( perhaps hoping for some admiration, but it never came). The gentleman reiterated that there was a big game coming up..... I shook my head yes and made it clear that I did not want to damage the Broncos' chances. I even suggested that i would give him my cell number and if he objected to any of the contents/pics I would remove it. He asked me what site the pics would show up on and I beamed, " STATUELEFT". He looked to have no knowledge of my site, so my smile faded (BSU has no idea of who I am. Good news is that I have never posted anything to critical or damaging to my alma mater). I gave the gentleman my name and offered up my cell phone, but no dice. The gentleman did not carry one. We separated again, thinking the issue was over....Last thing I wanted was an argument over civil rights, public vs private property and I certainly did not want the school thinking I was supplying trade secrets.
The sole purpose of the pics was so the out of towners/friends and family members could see a different angle of the action. I am pretty sure the Oregon coaches have seen enough film to this point. I will not upload vids or any damaging sequential pics, and one reason is that I do want the scrimmages to be closed to the general public. I do enjoy the scrimmages and want the lil kids to keep coming as well. There was several kids in my general vicinity. Just when I thought the drama was over, I made eye contact with gentleman #2 and I motioned him over since he obviously was interested in my activities. went through the same spiel, offered my name and blog site, and I mentioned that I would put up my email if there was any questionable material ( I need the extra hits on the blog anyways)

So there you have it.....thoughts? Just want to clarify that first and foremost I am a Broncos fan. Hopefully this will be a non-issue at future scrimmages....If gentleman #1 and #2 have any questions, feel free to email me at .
P.S. I did hear from a source that a local member of the media was also frowned upon from showing any video footage on the local media avenues. Maybe I made the big time after all. Lastly, this sarcastic camera-toting blogger recognizes that gentleman #1 & #2 are simply doing their job. In the past I might have referred to these gentleman as part of the Gestapo but they were both professional. I just keep thinking they are barking up the wrong tree.......

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