Sunday, April 6, 2008

Recap of what is available from Spring Scrimmage 2

quick and easy links rather than scanning each post.... from older to most videos available due to not wanting to piss of the powers that be.....just trying to play nice

later today...some sequence shots of some of the bigger plays during the scrimmage

Bizarro recap, no pics just text

minor recap with links to other people's opinions

WideOut slideshow

Highly Anticipated Tom Scott and Paul J pics.... even J Bates gets some in the spotlight as well

Defense Pics...let me know if you would rather have the slideshow instead

Nick Lomax in non-slideshow fashion

Bad Snaps evidence with good comes the bad

Hosei Representin'

IJ small slideshow

For the Kellen Moore groupies..I preset this slideshow

For the Mike Coughlin disciples...slideshow

Slideshow for the Bush Brigade

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